Appearances booked by us

· These have no ticket quota (minimum sales), but of course you should endeavor to bring in as many customers as possible.
☆ It is also possible get advance tickets from us for direct sales by yourself if so desired. Please contact us if you wish to receive some.

· Chargeback (cash-back) system
☆ If the number of customers is 20 or below ⇒ no cash-back.
(Please pay us the amount for any direct sales advance tickets you managed to sell.)
☆ If the number of customers is 21 or more ⇒ You will receive a cash back percentage based on the number of paying customers.

21 to 99 = 50% of the ticket price, over 100 customers = 60%

☆ If you reach the cash-back threshold the amount will based on all customers, not just those over the limit.
Advance sales 2,000 yen × 18 tickets, door sales 2500 × 5 tickets, 23 tickets total and thus over 21
⇒ 2000 × 18 × 0.5 + 2500 × 5 × 0.5 = 24250 yen (tax included)

☆ Please return any remaining unsold advance tickets you may have acquired from us.
(Note that any non-returned tickets are considered sold and will be charged fully.)